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Café | Club de Lollipop ... voted by the viewers of RTL4 as the best café in the Netherlands and perhaps also the most famous gay café in the Netherlands.

Located on the Paleisring, directly in the center of Tilburg. With the looks and feel of a real American Diner and a delicious cocktail menu and ice cream menu

Welcome to the Lollipop

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Featured ...



It is karaokenight every Thursday from 20:00.

Thousands of songs are waiting for you. You can read the texts on 1 of the 3 screens.

The ultimate Thursday night out for you and your friends.

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Join us in the most embarrassing moments of your childhood with your guilty pleasures from the era of the 80's, 90's and 00's.

From happy hardcore, via 2 Unlimited, 2 brothers on the 4th floor and Tiësto on to the Four Tops, Madonna, Paradise by the dashboardlight and Grease. They all pass by again.



Weekend Fuel is Lollipop party night.

Every week a different DJ is ready for you to blow the roof off.

Do you have a request? No problem, we play (almost) all of them!

Add to that our discount promotions and your evening is complete

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about the lollipop

For 22 years, De Lollipop has guaranteed a great night out.

In 2019 we transformed our concept into a club with the looks of a real American Diner

But of course the Lollipop remains the Lollipop. Whether you're straight, gay, bi, trans,

boy or girl, it does not matter because at the Lollipop everyone is always equal.

In addition to the tastiest drinks, we also have an extensive ice cream menu and cocktail list with

long drinks, short drinks, shared cocktails and even a mini tasting.

Of course you can also contact us for snacks, lunch and dinner.

In 2016, we were elected by university magazine UNIVERS as

the top 3 best nightlife in Tilburg.

In 2018, the viewers of RTL4 voted us the best café in the Netherlands

and in 2019 and 2020 we won the hospitality award for best café.

A nice compliment that we are still very proud of.

Our doors are open from Thursday to Sunday and our DJs are ready to blow the roof off. In the meantime, the Lollipop Crew provides the tastiest drinks, entertainment and delicious drinks!

We are THE cafe for everyone who is open-minded and loves a party!

With the new concept of the American Diner, we have also adjusted the music choices accordingly.

You now also hear a lot more 70's disco, 80's pop, 90's party and 00's dance.

You will of course also hear the hottest hits in Dutch, Latin and now.

But there is more ... Are you going to the Tilburg Fair, the largest fair in the Benelux?

Then of course you cannot skip the Lollipop during Pink Monday and the False start.

But we also go full throttle during carnival, the May market and the TOP week.

Of course, you shouldn't miss the Festival of the Song of Life in June.

The stage is at our doorstep, so the best seat is guaranteed.



are you ready to party?

There is something new to do every week.

Check out all events for the coming period below

Lollipop's parties

More information about our larger events and Lollipop Outdoor can be found HERE


Opening hours

De Lollipop is niet meer geopend op reguliere avonden en weekenden. Dat is overgenomen door Capt. J's Hurricane die in hetzelfde pand zit.

Die openingstijden vind je HIER

De Lollipop vind je nog wel tijdens alle grote evenementen.


Herken je de American Diner look nog?

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Social media vibes

Have you, like many celebrities, posed for our photographer?

Then there is a good chance that you will appear in one of our photo albums on Facebook.

In addition to our website, we are also very active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and our own Lollipop app. Here you can read the latest news and we will announce our events.

So do you always want to be informed about De Lollipop?

Like our socials and download our app



Heb je vragen, opmerkingen of wil je gewoon iets aan ons kwijt? Stuur je bericht naar en we komen er indien nodig zo snel mogelijk bij je op terug.

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