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Lollipop's big events

Of course we organize great events all year round, such as Stripper Mystery,

the A-Meezing bingo show, All that 90's and Bon Bini.

But we are best known for our big events that attract many thousands of visitors every year.


Pink Monday

The best pink party of the year!

The Tilburg fair, more than 300,000 people dressed in pink and a very large party throughout the city center. That's Pink Monday!

The Lollipop has been the hotspot at the fair where you must have been for years.

from 12:00 to 04:00 we have an uninterrupted party with the best DJs who will turn the tent upside down for you.

From 12:00 noon to 01:00 at night we build a big party outside with various DJs and 15 taps where you can score your drink.


At 01:00 at night the party stops outside, but we continue inside very hard until 04:00. But watch out! make sure you arrive at night before 01:00, otherwise you will have to join the queue. And that line is very, very long.

Of course you can pay with cash and pin at all bars



Miss Travesty Tilburg! La Queen Dior is the winner of DRAGWARS 2019 and can call herself Miss Lollipop and Miss Travestie Tilburg 2019 for a year.

Prepare for battle and get ready for Drag Wars!
DragWars has grown into one of the largest and most attended drag queen elections in the Netherlands.


Did you also enjoy DRAGWARS during the False Start of Pink Monday 2019? This year we will of course just do it again!

Sunday, July 18, 2021 ... it is the day for the 30th edition of Pink Monday and we are preparing for the official False Start. The Tilburg fair is in full swing and, just like in 2019, hundreds of spectators are ready when our participants can show their act on our large outdoor stage.

The participants show 1 self-selected act. After all acts, the public can vote which participants end up in the Top 2. The 2 top finalists compete for the title in the DragBattle. The jury will comment on the performance and choose the ultimate winner.

After the final, we will count down to Pink Monday 2021 together with all participants, Lollipop crew and spectators, after which the party will start until 04:00!

Drag Wars is free for everyone. That evening, of course, the presentation will again be in the hands of Miss Dee Dee Janssens in collaboration with our professional jury.

From now on, sign up:


Tilburg Fair

10 days of partying in the city center of Tilburg

More than 200 attractions in a fairground ribbon of more than 3 km (which you also have to walk back). That is the largest fair in the BeNeLux.


The Lollipop is right on the fairground ribbon, so we have a great program waiting for you on our large outdoor terrace for 10 days.

How about the summer carnival on Tuesday, the Feelgood Wednesday, Top of the Pops Thursday, PROOST! on both Saturdays, Sunday Live and of course Pink Monday and the False Start.

The Lollipop is open every day from 12:00 in the afternoon to 04:00 at night.


Festival of the Song of Life

The largest free life song festival in the Netherlands

Every year, at the beginning of June it is that time again! Then everyone can join in for another two days to the well-known Dutch-language song of life music in the city center of Tilburg.


Performances by Corry Konings, Django Wagner, Marianne Weber, Wolter Kroes, Danny de Munk, Frans Bauer, Ruth Jacott, René Schuurmans, John de Bever, Henk Dissel, Jannes, Wesley Klein and many others.

Tickets? You don't need them to visit this unique festival. A good mood is enough. For more than a quarter of a century the catering industry has been giving this special and grand festival to the Paleisring, volunteers and sponsors. And we are proud of that. The philosophy behind this is that everyone should be able to visit the festival: young and old, poor and rich! Everyone is equal on the festival site.

The stage is right at the Lollipop in front of the door, so the best seat is guaranteed!


May market

The largest nightly city center flea market in the Netherlands!

The Lollipop will be open continuously for 34 hours during the May market. From Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM to Sunday evening at 11:00 PM, there is a continuous party with our resident DJs.

And like every year, it is from 5 a.m. HORECA AFTER PARTY with special prices for all those catering people who have worked so hard at night.

The entire city center is full of stalls and attractions. Thousands of people go out at night looking for nice things.

Every year the Lollipop has a fun promotion for free beer


C a r n a v a l

Celebrate in Kruikenstad!

5 days of hopping, mopping and drinking. You will of course celebrate Carnival in Kruikenstad.

We start on Friday evening with the pub wèltocht.

On Saturday we drink until we crawl and then continue to d'n Opstoet on Sunday.

On to the grün meej oraanje pink môndag and then go completely loose on Tuesday.

Together with Flügel, Schrobbelèr and Apfelkorn, we make it a big party every year.

De Lollipop is the residence of carnival association CV de Stevige Stappers

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